One of the most popular ways to enjoy Super Bowl 57 on Sunday will be playing Super Bowl squares. Each player draws two numbers, giving everyone something to root for throughout the vs. game. However, there are strategic ways to approach 2023 squares as well. For example, there have been 13 combinations that have yet to strike, so you should avoid those numbers with your Super Bowl squares picks. Two combinations, 0-7 and 0-3, have hit 20 times, with zero appearing in Stephen Vogt Jersey 27% of final scores from the 56 Super Bowls held so far. Before entering any 2023 Super Bowl squares pools, be sure to .Tierney is a veteran sportswriter whose work appears periodically in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. Tierney has covered the for decades and reported from seven Super Bowls. He enters Super Bowl 57 on a 56-39 roll on , returning almost $1,300 for $100 players. He has identified several strategies to boost your chances Paul Molitor Jersey at winning Super Bowl squares.A is easy to set up. It features 10 columns and 10 rows of 100 blank squares with either the Eagles or Chiefs a signed to the rows and the other team aligned with the columns. Owners will then fill in their names or initials in the squares before each row and column are numbered zero through nine.With random numbers, contestants decide whether to buy boxes in a cluster or scatter them throughout the grid. When squares are auctioned after the column and rows are numbered, owners want boxes that correspond with Milwaukee Brewers Hoodie totals of scoring plays, such as touchdowns and field goals. To win, a person needs to own the box that corresponds to the last digit of the score for each team. For instance, if the Chiefs hold a 6-0 lead after one quarter, the person who owns the square with Kansas City 6 and Philadelphia 0 wins. That person also wins if the first quarter ends with the Eagles leading 10-6.Rules will vary, so check with the organizer beforehand. There can be payouts after each quarter, each scoring play or only after the final score, thus ensuring a high payout. .One of Super Bowl squares tip from Tierney: He says to avoid two and five whenever po sible. Those numbers have hit the least of any numbers in Super Bowl history, with two at 2.68% and five at 2.23%. There have only been two games that have seen either of those numbers hit in the final score of the last 25 Super Bowls. It is unlikely that either the two or five hit on Super Bowl Sunday 2023, and it is almost impo sible that they both hit. Kansas City did not have Milwaukee Brewers Custom Jersey either of those numbers hit in Yovani Gallardo Jersey any of its final scores this season, including the playoffs. Tierney suggest staying far away from those digits when you attend Super Bowl 57 parties to watch the Chiefs vs. Eagles game. .Tierney knows what numbers and what combinations hit most often on Super Bowl squares. He says there are two number combination that have hit in 20 Super Bowls, or nearly 36% of all prior games, so these squares can give you a big edge. .So what numbers should you pay a premium for in your 2023 Super Bowl football pool, and in what combinations? , all from the seasoned expert who's reported from seven Super Bowls, and find out.