Rainbow Studios in collaboration with THQ Nordic want to put us in the mood of off-road racing with MX vs ATV Legends. Of course, this is quite a difficult task if you consider all the spectacle that these races offer and even more so the adrenaline felt by a professional (or amateur) driver. In their previous efforts, however, they succeeded famously, garnering positive reviews. In this case, however, they messed up a bit, as MX vs ATV Legends didn't leave us with the best possible impressions.

The majority of your time will be spent in the Career Mode. Starting off with the dirt bike, it won’t be long until your taking part in championships featuring the ATVs and UTVs. Before you dive into competitions, the tutorial gives you a good idea of how the new physics work for the vehicles. The most noticeable change is how going into jumps and successfully landing them feels. You can take them cautiously without leaving the ground too high, or gain plenty of air in an attempt to cover more distance.

However, all work and no play make you a very dull boy. Therefore, you can enjoy exploring the open environment, or competing in invitational events. Alongside this, there are also online races and exhibition events to win. Alternatively, you can challenge a friend to some split-screen action. This is an old-school approach that wonderfully enhances the competitive nature of the gameplay.

The graphics of MX vs ATV Legends are at a decent level offering a fairly realistic environment, while it seems that some details have been emphasized. Both the terrain and the flora have been "painted" decently using the Unreal Engine. It's very nice that the drivers uniform but the machines get dirty with dust, dirt and mud when they crawl down after a fall. Equally nice detail are the potholes left by the wheels in the muddy ground, as a result of which they become noticeable when we pass the same spot (imagine how the ground changes when 10 machines pass over it).

The more successful you are, the more upgrades for your vehicles become available, and later down the line new vehicles will open up. It feels bare bones compared to other racers as there’s a lack of detail in the different parts and vehicles, leaving the player to only assume new ones are better than the last. It’s also more of a collection of events with no story to tether everything together, making the only motivation you have to simply get the highest position in each event. This might be more than enough for most players, but I personally like careers in any racer have something more than this.

I may love the genre, but I also had my fair share of stinkers to contend with. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised by MX Vs ATV Legends. Its addictive gameplay and adrenaline-fuelled racing are rewarding and fun to experience. What’s more, I loved the number of vehicles and the volume of racing on offer. It is for these reasons that I recommend you to buy it here! Becoming a legend isn’t easy. However, with help from your friends, you’ll make that dream come true. 

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