Rocket League is one of the most interesting and unique games of all time. It has captured the hearts and appreciation of more than a few people worldwide, and it’s still one of the most played games across all platforms, even years after its release. Trading is a quintessential part of Rocket League, and in this article, we’ll have a deep dive into how the process works, how you can get the best bang for your buck, and how to get as many Rocket League Credits as possible in the shortest time frame.

Play the game and complete free challenges

Let's say you've logged into the game for the first time, you have 0 credits and no items. What do you do? The answer may be more obvious than it initially seems but just play the game. By playing the game, you’ll be able to get numerous free items as you progress. Additionally, you can complete the challenges which can occasionally reward you with very rare and valuable items.

Play the in-game events and get free prizes

Rocket League, like many other games, has special events which occur every once in a while in which players can obtain various prizes. By playing the game and completing the event challenges, players can earn the event currency which they can later exchange for event gift packs. Those gift packs can be sold for a price of 150-200 credits, with some of them demanding a 300+ credit price tag, depending on the items you can get from them. By selling the free packs that you earn from playing these events, you’ll get anywhere from 500-1000 credits, which you can turn into a bigger profit later on. If you’re feeling lucky, you can open those chests and keep/trade the items they contain, but it’s generally safer to sell them for credits.

Educate yourself about the pricing structure

When it comes to Rocket League Trading, one of the most important rules is to be aware of the prices. Doing the math and taking care of the business aspects of trading are the two most important things to focus on when you are trading. You need to have a working knowledge of your prices and keep that knowledge up to date in order to determine whether or not you are making a profit or going broke. Before you try to trade for other items, you need to make sure you have a good idea of how many keys the items you have are worth. This is not some complicated issue. Acquiring a price list is a smart move, and then ensuring that it is kept up to date is essential, as prices tend to shift over the course of time. When you first begin trading, you can refer to this as a guide. There are, without a doubt, fluctuations in the prices, and demand is the driving force behind these changes.


Pysonix definitely did an excellent job of limiting the number of scams that were carried out in the community. Previously, one player would have to go first and place all of their faith in the other player to honor their promises of returning their money. As a result, many people walked away with the items they desired without following through on the transaction.

Having good items and cosmetics is one thing, but having a higher skill level which allows you to get into good tiers is another. So make sure to be able to consistently improve at the game and keep up with other players! In short, now you know a little everything there is to know about the items available within Rocket League. You just have to put in place the procedures outlined in this guide to get the elements you think are most valid. is a safe webiste to trading rocket league itmes, you can try.