The Sniper Rogue is a ranged build that utilizes slow but powerful crossbow shots to kill enemies from a distance. As a bit of a glass cannon build, the philosophy behind the Sniper Rogue is maximizing damage by investing in skills that boost Critical Strike Chance/Damage, while counting on Movement Speed and Evade for defense. The goal would be to avoid close combat altogether, which means this build generally ignores Damage Reduction and Healing skills.

The play style for that Sniper Rogue is hit-and-run: charge combo points with Heartseeker, imbue your crossbow with Poison, deliver several Penetrating Shots for massive damage, then retreat backward. Rinse and repeat. Your Sniper Rogue will vanquish large mobs quite effectively by using this strategy; however, it might struggle against Elite single targets and Boss battles where you stand forced to operate inside a confined space. In these situations, or if you need to find yourself surrounded, Concealment will help you to a chance to escape and discover a more favorable position.

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Best Early Skills for Sniper Rogue

This build is perfect for levels 1-25 for Rogue.

Early on, the Sniper Rogue will depend on skills that maximize physical damage and Critical Hit Chance. As this build progresses, you will have to invest in skills that offer increased Movement Speed and Attack Speed to keep large mobs far away.

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Basic Skill - Heartseeker (1/5)


Generate Combo Point: 1

Fire an arrow that seeks an enemy, dealing (XXX) damage and upping your Critical Strike Chance against them by 3% for 4 seconds, as much as 15%.


Enhanced Heartseeker: When Heartseeker Critically Strikes, gain 8% Attack Speed for 4 seconds. Double this amount when the enemy is Vulnerable

Fundamental Heartseeker: Heartseeker also boosts the Critical Strike Damage the enemy takes off your stuff by 5% for 4 seconds, as much as 25%.

This is the primary single-target attack and increases your Critical Strike Chance and Damage significantly. The increased Attack Speed from Enhanced Heartseeker will give you a boost for your slow crossbow.

Core Skill - Penetrating Shot (1/5)

Penetrating Shot

Energy Cost: 35

Fire an arrow that pierces through all enemies inside a line, dealing (XXX) damage.


Enhanced Penetrating Shot: Penetrating Shot deals 20% increased damage per enemy it pierces.

Improved Penetrating Shot: If Penetrating Shot damages a minimum of 3 enemies, the next Penetrating Shot includes a 20% increased Critical Strike Chance.