Precision sheet metal processing refers to various cold working processes such as shearing, punching, bending, welding, riveting, mold forming, etc. on thin metal sheets to produce parts or structural parts of various shapes and sizes. The characteristics of precision sheet metal processing are consistent thickness of parts, smooth surface, precise dimensions and high strength. In order to ensure the quality and performance of precision sheet metal processing, the treatment of the rough surface is a very important part.

The main purposes of rough surface treatment are as follows: to remove surface impurities such as oxidation, oil, rust, etc., and to improve the surface cleanliness and finish; to improve the physical properties of the surface, such as hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.; to improve the appearance of the surface, such as color, gloss, texture, etc.; to increase the adhesion of the surface for subsequent coating, plating, welding, etc.; to prevent or reduce the stress and deformation of the surface, and to improve the stability of the part. Concentration and deformation of the surface, improve the stability and life of the parts.

According to the different materials and requirements, there are many different methods of treatment of the blank surface, the following are common:

Mechanical treatment: mechanical abrasives such as grinding wheels, wire brushes and polishing cloths are used to grind, polish and draw the surface to remove surface oxidation and burrs and improve the surface finish and flatness. The advantage of mechanical treatment is simple operation and low cost; the disadvantage is low efficiency, can not remove the deep impurities, easy to damage the surface.

Electrochemical treatment: electrolytic reaction on the surface using electrolyte and current to remove or generate a protective film to improve the corrosion resistance and decorative properties of the surface. The advantage of electrochemical treatment is that it is effective and can form a uniform and dense film layer; the disadvantage is that the equipment is complicated, costly and requires professional operation.

Heat treatment: Using high temperature or flame to heat the surface or redox reaction to remove or generate a protective film to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the surface. The advantage of heat treatment is that it can change the physical properties of the material; the disadvantage is that it is difficult to operate and easy to cause deformation or cracks.

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