Are you searching for a range, nuke the whole screen playstyle around the Rogue? Well, this could it be! The Penetrating Shot Rogue is a relatively easy-to-know powerful build that's ideal for leveling in Diablo 4. There are many different tools and tactics you should use that assist to keep you safe and unleash hell far away.

Penetrating Shot is a Core Skill that fires one massive, piercing arrow. Pretty easy even though this doesn't sound exciting in the beginning, whenever you spice up with imbuements and also the Trickshot Offensive Aspect, your nuke involves life. As with most Rogue skills, maximizing its potential will need good positioning while you deal more damage the greater enemies you hit inside a line. Do so, and become rewarded by having a fireworks display of demon parts of the body.

Building with Combo Points to genuinely unleash hell naturally includes slower-paced strategical gameplay, but don't confuse this with being slow because this build continues to be agile in battle and traveling the planet. This is a very satisfying and rewarding build that needs some preparation in advance to maximize its potential which guide would be to teach you the easiest method to reach the end game with Penetrating Shot Rogue! Let the fireworks begin!

Penetrating Shot

Penetrating Shot is our main ability. This Core Skill fires an enormous arrow inside a straight line that pierces all enemy targets. With the Trickshot Offensive Aspect, every enemy hit will even release two more shots at 90° angles using their position, absolutely annihilating big packs at the same time.

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Getting Started (Levels 2-3, 2 Skill Points)

At the start of your skill tree, we must put 2 points into Basic Skills to unlock the following section. Forceful Arrow is a great choice here since it applies Vulnerable, which is an important damage multiplier.

Another great option is Puncture. Along with Fundamental Puncture, you may also apply Vulnerably. The difference between your 2 is the fact that the Puncture range is shorter than Forceful Arrow, requiring you to play mid-range and putting you in additional danger. The benefits however are faster attacks for quicker accumulation of combo points and Energy regeneration.

For the sake to remain constant using the ranger archetype, we'll build around Forceful Arrow with this guide, but choose whatever matches your needs.

Level 2: Forceful Arrow

Level 3: Enhanced Forceful Arrow

Unlocking Penetrating Shot (Levels 4-7, 4 Skill Points)

You wish to unlock Penetrating Shot as quickly as possible. Later you are going to wish to rank this towards the max, until then, allocate some points to unlock the passives which make the skill shine. Take Fundamental Forceful Arrow passive last for knock to keep safe and lining up Penetrating Shot easier.

Level 4: Penetrating Shot

Level 5: Enhanced Penetrating Shot

Level 6: Advanced Penetrating Shot

Level 7: Fundamental Forceful Arrow

Adding Utility, Mobility & Defense (Levels 8-17, 10 Skill Points)

We unlock 3 agility skills. All of them get their pros and cons and picking you will determine the kind of ranger you wish to be in combat. For the sake of the guide, we chose Caltrops to help keep the archetype.

Caltrops are a great skill for keeping distance and providing additional damage modifiers. This Agility Skill has two charges. When cast, it throws a lot of spikes around the ground while jumping back which slows enemies caught inside. If the enemies are hit when cast, it deals damage causing these phones to flinch. Additional passives permit more damage while enemies are within the trap. Choose this if you wish to play it safe and wish to see bigger numbers.

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