Outside the venues, guests are experimenting with new ideas and vintage classics while they attend shows from and more. Many of us own these joggers and are absolutely in love with them. Cohen and his partner, Sarah Leff, gave up Canada Goose Jackets Outlet the runway and opted to focus on trunk shows, his direct to consumer e commerce site, and a custom made business instead. No wait, that's the wrong Kelly Clarkson lyric lifted from the show's dramatic finale. Look for fresh feeling silhouettes like an oversize blazer shape to play with proportions, or reach for a stretch knit fabric that nods to the sportier side of this knowingly sweeter print. Don't be afraid to try bold colors too, like rich neon hues, that break away from the norm. Regular releases are soon to follow, but true fans of Telfar will have to trust and believe that whatever shows up on their doorstep will be everything they hope for in a Telfar bag. Even today, as guests trickled out, many balked at something so bizarre and kooky happening on a Friday night in New York. The result of many years of perfecting, the hats nod to Harajuku and raver aesthetics, pulled right from the pages of Fruits magazine and the pair's own club kid lifestyle. Bringing one's authentic self to the party and being accepted as that authentic version of one's self is good. Festival culture has historically encouraged over-consumption, especially because fast-fashion brands have taken to these colossal events to push sales. Color remains this city's calling card-be it in the form of a print or a neon shoe-but www.cgsoutlets.com tailored outerwear is a staple, too.