According to Wilson explained, the Blizzard Diablo 4 Gold solution to fix this issue with Diablo 3 was to take charge of the trading market. This may also be the motive behind the game's move to require an always-on internet connection. Wilson says that the moment you provide an offline client hackers "got you." Thus, being always online and auction houses were Blizzard's failed attempts to manage the issues from Diablo 2.

It was a while before launch in 2012 Diablo 3's auction houses was recognized as one the game's biggest flaws, getting a constant mocking and criticism by the players. Yet removing it wasn't easy and wasn't due to technical difficulties. Instead, its delayed 2014 removal was due to it was a promised feature of the game, printed on all of its retail boxes as well as there were legal concerns about cutting the auction house.

"The reason we did not take it off quickly when we noticed the issue was legally we didn't think that we could because it was stated on the box," said Wilson. "So we took a long time to sort out the legal cheap Diablo IV Gold aspects before we finally said , 'OK we think it's worth the effort even if we end up with a lawsuit, oh well.'"