FIFA 23 is the most anticipated event of the year, and World Cup-themed content hits us from every angle.

Ultimate Team just released another special set of Path to Glory cards, now available in bundles!

Along with the promotional team, former Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has been selected for FUT 23's Road to World Cup Glory goal card.

Aaron Ramsey (OVR 86)
View Details Start Date: Friday, November 18
Due Date: Friday, November 25
Objective requirements
You'll need to complete four different missions to unlock Level 86 Road to Glory Ramzika for your Ultimate Team.

Requirements are as follows:
clear vision
Players using Min. assist with through balls. 80 PAS in 4 different squad battles. Semi-Pro Difficulty (or Competitor).
Bundle Reward: 75+ Rated Rare Player (Not Tradeable) + 300 XP

dangerous midfielder
Score at least 6 goals in a Squad vs. Midfielder match. Semi-Pro Difficulty (or Competitor).
Pack Reward: Gold Pack (Untradeable) + 300 XP

easy pass
Assist 6 goals in Squad Battles with a player in Ligue 1. Semi-Pro Difficulty (or Competitor).
Pack Reward: Two Rare Gold Player Packs (non-tradeable) + 300 XP

winning mentality
Win at least 7 solo games in Squad Battles. Semi-Pro Difficulty (or Competitor).
Pack Reward: Small Coin Player Pack (Untradeable) + 300 XP

Glory project path explanation
The World Cup Path to Glory items work similarly to the way the FUT 22 Festival of FUTball Path to Glory cards work.
Each player item starts the campaign with a base upgrade and can gain additional boosts if their team progresses through each subsequent phase.
From Zero to Hero - Path of Glory items can be fully transformed in FUT Here is a breakdown of World Cup Path of Glory card upgrades:
Campaign Kickoff: Initial Upgrade
Advance from group stage: +1 IF promotion
Win round of 16: +1 IF promotion
Winning the quarter-finals: five-star weak foot upgrade. Buy fifa coins with a variety of payment options, quick shipping, and round-the-clock support.
Win the semi-finals: 5-star skill move upgrade
Win the final: +1 IF upgrade and three new traits
Once a player's nation is eliminated, they will no longer receive any upgrades.