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I'm not sure if anyone has been in our offices. The same office has been there for a long time, and we have just put carpet with duct tape since it became an accident hazard when you walk in the hallway. WoW cataclysm Gold The task took us five years to complete. Therefore, we are able to save money in areas where, frankly consumers don't think there is any value. We're not so prudent in areas where the customer sees the value in the development of games.

This is why we have increased the headcount of Blizzard's development team. We also added an additional 900 headcount for our customer support team and 300 headcount to and around the WoW Cataclysm Classic franchise. There are numerous areas where we're investing massively to enhance the gaming experience but there are also areas that we believe are not worth the cost. Therefore, we don't offer an office cafeteria, gym or valet parking. Because the gamer doesn't really care about this. They don't see any value in any of it. Talk with Blizzard and their Treyarch team or Sledgehammer guys. We've put the money where the player is likely to be able to see it.

The Double Fine fan base wasn't pleased when Activision chose not to publish Brutal Legend and then sued after the studio found a new publisher.

Activision isn't very popular with certain gamers due to Kotick's comments about getting rid of the fun from development and The Brutal Legend lawsuit or The Infinity Ward drama earlier this year. What can you do to combat this negative image? Does it affect your business? observe affecting your overall bottom line?I'd say when you are the most successful in an field, you instantly become an arrow pointing at your back. This is a normal part of life, therefore you need to be able to manage this. There's a loud minority who expresses opinionated views. But at the end the day, when you look at the overall performance that we've produced in 2009, it was a challenging year for the industry. We've succeeded in this environment since gamers continue to purchase our games...because we sell the franchise, not the business and provide them with an amazing experience in the entertainment industry. That's the most important factor.

Do we feel better with an unbiased view and not being removed from context? Yes, of course we would. Do we be more effective in of reaching out to our gamers community and explaining the reason we make certain choices? I believe we can. We'll continue to work on that and work to become better at it. However, the main thing we're trying to do is make sure that our games are excellent and our franchises are loved and trusted by customers and that we keep doing what is right for the community, our employeesand our retailers. Cataclysm Classic Gold for sale If we do this efficiently and demonstrate the value we bring to our stakeholders as time passes, I believe it will be more valuable than the information you find on the message boards.

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