Rocket League‘s first object series on the grounds that going loose-to-play is simply days away. The aptly-named Season Buy Rocket League Items One Series will make its debut on Oct. 19 with a chain of cosmetics and a new supercar, Psyonix introduced today.

The Insidio gives a sporty, compact look that’s barely harking back to the Guardian and Nemesis Battle-Cars. Psyonix hasn’t discovered what unique decals the new car will carry, but the Season One Series additionally has the Silencer Decal for the Insidio—similar to Octane’s Slimline sample.

The upcoming series will add “extra than a dozen” new cosmetics that range from wheels to Black Market decals and goal explosions. The Stipple Gait sticker seems to offer an ethereal, velvety finish, at the same time as the Buffy-Sugo explosion will show an “extraordinarily lively” anime female with bunny ears and a heart symbol (for a few purpose).

In addition to the lively gadgets, the brand new series is bringing the Dire Wolf wheels: a lupine version of the classic Draco set but Rocket League Items Shop with a touch less hearth. Players who fancy flat, minimalistic layout can discover their favourite within the Shortquarter wheels’ black-and-gray layout.