The higher the heel, the closer to heaven. As vintage mania has ticked up, Tab Vintage, which is based in LA, has become a reliable go to for celebs hunting down the most celebrated runway pieces from the past. I came home and I told my dad I wanted to be in the Olympics, just like Picabo.

A pair of pink leather pants from Remain Birger Christensen. Days later, at Luar's Bushwick show, the front row included a guy in leather chaps provocatively sans culottes! and a tardy guest in a crop top who, when she couldn't find a seat, plopped down on my lap, both vibrating with the same kinetic energy as Omahyra Mota and Richie Shazam on the runway in Raul Lopez's sensual and strict new collection.

If there's one fall skirt in your wardrobe already, it's likely a satin or silk midi. In her early days of modeling think, 2015 and 2016 the fledging supermodel had a familiar SoCal aesthetic. Another award for the color of the season goes to deep orange.

From Alexander McQueen, this neon pink double breasted blazer paired with matching suit pants is statement making in and of itself. Especially in July Dior Handbag Sale and August, Manhattan turns into a sauna so this calls for outfits that are light on layers. Like Jenner, throw a well loved white T shirt underneath for a casual yet polished look.

But the glam wasn't completely gone from the streets. The sun is out in Milan, and so are midriff baring crop tops and hot pants. Many brands scheduled to participate at Pitti Uomo this week, including special guest designer Ann Demeulemeester, postponed their IRL appearances.

We hope so because Acielle of Style du Monde is on the street capturing Copenhagen's vibrant street style at fashion week here. There are a select few fall trends that feel as timeless and classic as Western inspired fashion. Plus, you can expect this group of showgoers to set the tone before the rest of fashion month begins be it the crowning of the season's new It accessory or a lesson on how to wear the latest trends.

A proper pencil skirt is not only a standout street style star; it should be considered in your rotation of chic office attire this fall. The street style bar was set high. Elsewhere, Ala.a's heart shaped crossbody received a lot of love. But does Novak think the vintage trend has become oversaturated.

We've finally tagged as far back to fall 2017 in our Street Style Trend Tracker, and are able to confirm that five years ago fanny packs, skinny scarves, and embroidered bombers ruled. But the glam wasn't completely gone from the streets. An oversized brown leather blazer is Bieber's version of timeless tailoring.