Runes are special items you can use in Diablo 2 Resurrected and hence you should know how to farm for them. Using D2R Ladder Items will allow you to create various Runewords. Your weapons and items will all have special Rune slots that will help boost their stats by quite a margin. So, scroll down and find out how to find and farm this rare resource in D2R.

Arcane Sanctuary

The Arcane Sanctuary in Act 2 Hell is also a fantastic place to farm high runes. Not only do they have super chests at the end of each platform, but the Specter monsters have the highest chances of dropping high runes in the game. You’ll also run into the Summoner which has decent odds of a rune dropping from him.

Lower Cross

This is probably the most farmed location for players playing through a single player campaign. There are a ton of poppables and if you are playing with 8 players the drop chance is so much higher. Also, be on the lookout for campfires. There is a tavern nearby that always spawns 2 super chests. The game can sometimes spawn up to 2 campfires, meaning you can potentially earn up to 6 super chests.

Tal Rasha Tombs

I highly recommend coming here with a few extra players as the enemies’ spawn with a ton of different immunities and it might be troublesome for a lot of players to handle by themselves. This is a top pick for players because there is a ton of enemies that spawn here. And remember, there more enemies you kill, the higher your chances of dropping a High Rune. Another reason players like to come here is that when you are done farming an area you can simply teleport over to the other tomb to continue your farming session.

Lower Kurast - Act III

This is probably one of the best places to find High Runes. It’s easy to farm and there a ton of super chests which have a very high chance of dropping High runes and other valuable items. You can find theses super chests in a hut next to a circle of torches. Each hut contains 2 super chests to the left and one to the right side, above the torches.

The Countess

The Countess on Hell difficulty can be found in the Forgotten Tower. The Countess is probably the most popular farming location as she always drops at least one rune, which increases your chances of finding a High Rune. Keep in mind that she cannot drop all runes, which is why this location isn’t favored by all.


Hell Cows are also a good spot to farm high runes because of the high density of monsters. They can be cleared easily by almost all characters since they don’t have any immunities.

In order to get a lot of runes, you need to look for item drops. Read our D2R high rune farming tips and where you can do it most efficiently. So that your runes can be used in a variety of places on your gear. If you want to D2R Items for Sale , welcome to Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale | Buy D2R Ladder Items