Necromancers often have fun with skeletons as minions. However, the Blood Mist build just uses one skill to eliminate entire hordes of enemies and it has companions like a nice addition. While you do not have to do much to ensure that you build by using it, you need to do need a specific Legendary, without that the build won't work whatsoever. You keep yourself alive against every enemy. This a fierce build that truly takes only one shot to show everything who are around you into gory remnants with massive damage and constant healing, so it's great against groups, elite, and bosses, often invulnerable in battle and hardly need any resources. There is no doubt this is a very beginner-friendly build for fast leveling.

Best Skills for Blood Mist Necromancer

The most significant skills (at level 25):

Basic Skills: Decompose (1/5) > Enhanced Decompose > Initiate's Decompose

Core Skills: Bone Spear (4/5) > Enhanced Bone Spear > Supernatural Bone Spear

Macabre Skills: Blood Mist (1/5) > Enhanced Blood Mist > Ghastly Blood Mist, Corpse Explosion (5/5) > Enhanced Corpse Explosion > Plagued Corpse Explosion

Macabre Passives: Grim Harvest, Powerful Death

Ultimate Skills: Army from the Dead (+2)

Book from the Dead: Skeleton Warriors (Reaper) – Right Circle, Skeleton Mages (Cold) – Left Circle, Golems (Bone) – Left circle

Best Legendary Aspects for Blood Mist Necromancer

The build is only going to unfold after you have found the right Legendary Aspect. This aspect changes the power of "Blood Mist" and enables you to blow up corpses by using it. You then use "Blood Mist" and cast "Corpse Explosion" simultaneously - this is exactly why there are 5 skill points inside it, however, you don't need the skill inside your skill bar. On Beta difficulty, the build works without Blood Mist if you are using Corpse Explosion.

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Required Legendary Aspect:

Aspect for that Blood Mist skill

Blood Mist explodes corpses, and every corpse exploded reduces Bloodmist's cooldown

Strong Legendary Aspect:

Aspect for that Bone Spear skill

Bone Spear hits wounded enemies, Bone Spear Shards deal extra harm to wounded enemies

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Fortify the build with additional Legendary Aspects that induce more corpses, improve your crowd control effects, improve your overall damage, and improve Corpse Explosion or Bone Spear skills. During the beta, Legendary drop odds are significantly increased.

Gameplay Tips for Blood Mist Nerco

It's by pointing out the interaction of corpses and also the Blood Mist skill. Your minions encounter groups of enemies and also you activate Blood Mist. While the skill is active you're invulnerable and receive healing. You also create more corpses from thin air.

The Legendary "Blood Mist" effect causes any corpses you move over in the "Blood Mist" form to explode and ignite the result of "Corpse Explosion" while you don't have the skill inside your skill bar.

Each corpse explosion consequently reduces the cooldown of Blood Mist. This often enables you to re-ignite the skill directly. You cause massive (area) damage, are constantly invulnerable and there's also healing.

If you find tough opponents or fight bosses, fire off several "Bone Spears" between. They ensure that wounded opponents absorb 20% more damage. Bone Spear also offers strong Legendary aspects, which makes it a powerful complement to Blood Mist.