Dark and Darker was advanced delisted from Dark And Darker Gold, afterward claims that developers at Ironmace reused assets and abstracts in the bold that they had advanced created while alive beneath arrangement at Nexon, on a activity codenamed ‘P3’. The offices of Ironmace were afterwards raided by police, with Nexon filing a accusation on April 14 alleging absorb infringement.

The ambassador claims that a ambit of in-game assets in Aphotic and Darker, including animations and appearance designs, are aerial anon from P3.

Now, developers at Ironmace abode that Aphotic and Darker has suffered a “sophisticated” DDoS advance during its accepted playtest. Autograph on the game’s Discord, ‘Graysun,’ an Ironmace ambassador and developer, says that the developer is aggravating to buy Dark And Darker Gold servers stabilised.