The new Neon Fields area might be the venue for high-octane Soccar suits in authentic Rocket League style. The map’s lookRocket League Trading Prices  is paying homage to the antique Rocket Labs maps, with blue and orange on a darkish background. But that’s no longer the most effective part of the show. A digital live performance and a enormous floating equalizer are located across the area and they’re positive to steal the attention from the fit.

The Rocket Pass is in line with the season’s musical theme and incorporates the R3MX Battle-Car, a sporty automobile that uses the Hybrid hitbox. In addition to the new vehicle, gamers can gain a chain of song-themed items, together with a Midi Pad Topper and an Equalizer popular decal.

Season two additionally introduces a new characteristic referred to as Player Anthems, which plays part of a tune on every occasion a person rankings a intention, makes an Epic Save, or earns MVP honors. All users can select from five anthems from the Rocket League OST Vol. 1, but they can earn extra via drops and the premium song of the Rocket Pass.

Psyonix drafted the assist of artist Kaskade to broaden this season’s soundtrack. Kaskade recorded a two-track EP made specifically for Rocket League. The first song, “Flip Reset,” is available to concentrate on Monstercat, even as the second will debut at some stage in the season. Both tracks will launch as Player Anthems.

Rocket League’s season  runs until March 31, which Rocket League Trading Store offers players over 3 months to clean the battle pass.